Maple Maple Mariner Chain & Wheel
Maple Mariner Chain & Wheel
€305,00 €183,00
Maple Maple Jacks Ring
Maple Jacks Ring
€245,00 €122,50
Maple Maple Tuna Ring
Maple Tuna Ring
€209,00 €104,50
Maple Maple Big Cat Ring
Maple Big Cat Ring
€189,00 €113,00
Maple Maple Buick Ring
Maple Buick Ring
€305,00 €152,50
Maple Maple Nugget Ring
Maple Nugget Ring
€179,00 €107,00

Self-thought Austin McMahon started Canadian accessories line MAPEL in 2014 when he saw a gap in the market of men’s jewellery. McMahon believes a strong brand is, besides quality and meticulous attention to detail, mostly about building culture. The inspiration behind his hand-crafted pieces of precious metal are elements from his environment such as skate, music and the mashup of subcultures he associates himself with. MAPEL has been picked up and loved by many, including an impressive list of collaborators.