Salomon is an outdoor sports brand founded in the French Alps in 1947. With high standards, Salomon focuses on quality performance gear using only the best technology and craftsmanship. Beyond apparel and equipment, Salomon has also made a name for itself as a specialist when it comes to footwear thanks to its responsive and dynamic shoes designed to push you to the limit in everyday life as much as outdoors. Salomon is confidently committed to innovation through design, but has managed to seamlessly transition into the world of fashion along the way.

Where it all started. Salomon first came about as a ski edge workshop in a small town in the alps as a family-owned business with the slogan: “the world's leading mountain people creating the world’s leading mountain equipment.” The first big success for Salomon was the invention of the binding with a self-release heel piece, earning them the title of the best binding manufacturer in the world. As Salomon grew as the leading manufacturer of Alpine and Nordic skis and boots, the saw next natural step being the expansion into the fields of hiking and trail running leading up to the 2000s.

The encounter with fashion was still an unlikely possibility for Salomon during the launch of the first editions of performance shoes. Although Salomon had developed a following within the sports and adventure space, they had never positioned themselves as a tastemaker. That is until the Salomon Speed Cross model got bought by the influential Parisian store The Broken Arm. The team, known for spotting (or creating) trends as early adopters, loved the model precisely for its detachment from what fashionable at the time. The shoe wasn’t there to seduce them through design but was still without a doubt a great shoe. The quality and technical nature of Salomon products stood as a symbol of utilitarian design and channeled the high-tech style to take over the world in the years following. To this day, The Broken Arm and Salomon continue to collaborate, inspiring many other creatives to do the same. Of all the names Salomon has shared the pleasure of working with, German-Persian designer Bidjan Saberi is another one impossible not to mention. Before gaining mainstream popularity Salomon was a staple amongst creative industry insiders, following the motto: If you know, you know. Without a doubt, Salomon was now also a leader in niche performance footwear. 

The expansion into new fields for Salomon footwear also came with a new vision branded: “Time to Play.” Salomon actively encouraged its wearers to go out and explore, living youthfully and making the most out of every adventure no matter the terrain. The Salomon Advanced line was developed in a similar spirit and serves as the reimagining of classic models for more everyday and urban use. Each season Salomon models are perfected and introduced to the public with a fresh new colors and materials. Popular Salomon Advanced editions include the XA-Pro Advanced and the XT Wings 2 Advanced, counting with a chassis and upper designed to hold your foot while inspiring confidence no matter where you are. Another key feature is a comfortable foothold for effortless walking over long periods of time accompanied by enhanced stability on pretty much every surface. All Salomon Advanced shoes also come with optimal stability and TPU films to protect the foot from sharp objects encountered along the way as just some of many features. Officially launching in 2013, another leading model is the XT-6 Advanced designed after a go-to for world-class athletes when it comes to distance racing and harsh conditions. Key features are the trademark EVA cushioning that protects the foot while ensuring soft landings, a durable construction and promised long-distance stability. Without going into detail, the following terms are all part of the Salomon deal: agile chassis system, abrasion-resistant TPU material, EndoFit, Contragrip, single-layer mesh, lace pocket and Sensifit. 

Worn by celebrities from Blood Orange to Bella Hadid, Salomon continues to collaborate with an array of household names including SSense, Comme des Garçons and Palace. Recently, another remarkable collaboration came to be with Toronto-based retailer and brand Better Gift Shop for the Ultra 3 GTX. Taking one classic Salomon shoes silhouette at the time they aim to update classics inspired by the team’s everyday life, Toronto’s versatility, and its surrounding geography that allows you to conquer a wide variety of terrains in one single day; which at the same time is exactly what the Advanced line is about. Proving that, Salomon sneakers never fail to offer a stylish product up to performance standards.