FiSN FiSN Green Flocked Print Hoodie
FiSN FiSN Pocket Polo
FiSN Pocket Polo
€189,00 €132,30
FiSN FiSN Flocked Back Print Crewneck
FiSN FiSN Gradient Print Crewneck
FiSN Gradient Print Crewneck
€149,00 €104,30

FiSN is the abbreviation of “Future is Now.” ⁠⁠A youthful brand from the founder of our store, offering an array of streetwear staples. ⁠⁠⁠⁠Graphical cues take inspiration from the Bougainvillea, the official flower of Shenzen in China, the hometown of the brands founder.⁠ The floral expressions were also chosen to signify youth and vitality, as well as the hues of green manifesting a new perspective of thinking.⁠ A label pushing positivity as its main message.⁠⁠