Human Made Human Made Rugby Shirt #1
Human Made Rugby Shirt #1
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Human Made long sleeves go against the current flow of trends within fashion using a secret recipe that includes the right amount of craftsmanship and nostalgia. Human Made long sleeves are based on '50s and '60s Americana workwear pieces through the process of deconstruction and the analysis of vintage garments from Nigo’s personal archive. The brand is what he describes as his attempt to selfishly create the clothes he felt like wearing.

As an obsessive collector, Nigo’s warehouse includes an astonishing archive of vintage garments that for him serves as the starting point. Human Made long sleeves, therefore, are part of the reinterpretation of pre-1960’s Americana clothing and accessories. Human Made long sleeves have a more mature tone in comparison to those of his previous projects. To Nigo, the chosen era represents lost technology while shining a light on the no longer existing machines capable of making the stitching and fabrics we love in old garments. Human Made long sleeves are all about the process, paying attention to detail, design, and construction. Quality is guaranteed as Human Made long sleeves are produced by artisans in the famous Osaka Warehouse. The products created under this philosophy include utilitarian workwear, t-shirts and Human Made long sleeves. Aimed at a smaller audience, Human Made long sleeves take on a graphic approach channeling themes found in Nigo’s everyday life. The curry-up graphic found on Human Made long sleeves, for example, is a reference to his boutique dinner in Tokyo under the same name. Other motifs that have become synonymous with Human Made long sleeves include the polar bear, duck, tiger, and trademark heart-logo.

Nigo's brand seems to be equally as good at collaborations, with names such as Adidas, Girls Don’t Cry, and KFC as just some on its track record. Nigo’s creative journey has inspired many, including Virgil Abloh, who paid homage to his legacy by inviting him to collaborate on Louis Vuitton’s pre-fall 2020 collection titled: LV2. The collection channeled the mod-era dandy through Nigo’s lens and left hints to the different stages of his career throughout, including ice cream-melt details, and the slogan “Louis Made” in reference to the one appearing on Human Made long sleeves. Ideal for layering, Human Made long sleeves can be worn throughout the seasons.

While the shape of them has stayed mostly the same throughout the collections, Human Made long sleeves are constantly reinvented with updated colorways and graphics. Some of the most popular graphics found on Human Made long sleeves include the tiger, duck and heart motifs that each time are given a new spin. For those looking for something more toned down, there are monochrome basic Human Made long sleeves only carrying a small heart logo either at the chest or sleeve.