Medicom Toys Bearbricks (stylized as [email protected]) have been a staple within the collectible toy industry for years now. The Japanese manufacturer started out with bearbricks in 2001, where the brand would create a bear-like figure with 9 moveable body parts (known as tools). The Brand would later on become well known for their collaborations, including stash, basquiat, karl lagerfeld, oasis and many more. Bearbricks come in a variety of different sizes named after percentages, with the 100% being the standard size. The 100% bearbrick is seven centimeters tall, and this goes up to the biggest size; 1000%, which is seventy centimeters tall.

What makes bearbricks fun and collectible is the variety of all the collaborations, as mentioned before this includes well known artists like Basquiat or Keith Haring, but also big brands like Levi's and even the van Gogh Museum. The bear has become a decorative canvas that adds a playful twist to any interior, and has some serious collectors. It is then not surprising that many limited edition Bearbricks have seen a large increase in value. The Designer toy scene is very serious, and knows many resellers. This drives up the desire and increases the passion people have for the bearbrick pieces. It even creates an enthusiast community within the designer toy scene itself, which is quite unique.

The brand has deep roots within streetwear as many streetwear brands have collaborated with the brand on bearbricks in the past, which can be seen as a solidifying or milestone event within the career span of a brand. These collaborations transform the identity and aesthetic language of a brand into the canvas of the bear itself, often resulting in wild and out there designs that immediately resonate with fans of the brand. These collaborations include Readymade, Bape, Mastermind Japan and more. From time to time brands even collaborate on the same Bearbrick, creating a juxtaposition or assemblage of both their identities on the body of the brand; an example would be the Bape x Readymade bearbrick, which has become one of the most sought after and expensive bearbricks to date.
With collaborations like these, bearbricks have cemented themselves as the canvas of contemporary popular culture. The huge variety in collaborations and often surprising combinations of brands make it a joy to see and collect. The bearbrick is an icon in the designer toy world, and is a contemporary classic.

Due to our good relationship with Medicom Toy, the producer of bearbrick, we at Oallery have dedicated a portion of our store to Bearbricks. We exhibit the latest collaborations and are an official retailer for the brand. We always showcase some of the Bearbricks we have in our current collection in the window display on the first floor of the store.