Before Salomon Sneakers became popular throughout the world and claimed their space within fashion, the family behind the brand focused on the production of high-quality performance gear; quickly becoming experts in the fields of technology and craftsmanship. Beyond apparel and equipment, they have also made a name for themselves as a specialist when it comes to footwear thanks to its responsive and dynamic Salomon sneakers designed to push you to the limit in everyday life as much as outdoors. This way, the brand is confidently committed to innovation through the design of Salomon sneakers.

The appearance of Salomon sneakers as a fashion must-have was still far away when the brand first launched its first edition performance shoes. Although they had developed a following within the sports and adventure space, they had never positioned themselves as a tastemaker. That is until the Salomon sneakers with the name “Speed Cross” got bought by the influential Parisian store The Broken Arm. The team, known for spotting (or creating) trends as early adopters, loved the Salomon sneakers precisely for not trying to fit into the box of what was commonly seen as fashionable at the time. Salomon sneakers weren’t there to seduce them through design but were still without a doubt an amazing shoe. The quality and technical nature of Salomon sneakers stood as a symbol of utilitarian design and channeled the high-tech style to take over the world in the years following. To this day, they continue to work together with The Broken Arm on Salomon sneakers, inspiring many other creatives to do the same. Of all the names the brand has shared the pleasure of working on Salomon sneakers with, German-Persian designer Bidjan Saberi is another one worth a mention. Before gaining mainstream popularity Salomon sneakers were a style secret of creative industry insiders, slowly making their way up and winning over many.

Salomon sneakers becoming part of niche performance footwear asked for an accompanying change of vision branded: “Time to Play.” This way, they actively encourage its wearers to go out and explore, living youthfully and making the most out of every adventure no matter the terrain. The Advanced line was developed in a similar spirit and serves as the reimagining of classic models into Salomon sneakers for everyday and urban use. Each season Salomon sneakers are updated with new colors and materials worn by celebrities from Blood Orange to Bella Hadid. The brand continues to collaborate with an array of household names including SSense, Comme des Garçons and Palace, proving that Salomon sneakers never fail to show up as a stylish product up to performance standards.