Hoodies are an essential in any wardrobe. Before seen as a piece of strictly casual clothing, at Oallery we curate brands that elevate the hoodie into a statement piece.


The hoodie, also known as the hooded sweatshirt, is a garment with its roots in the United States, when in the 1920’s, a company which would later become Russell Athletic, would start making them from Jersey Fabrics after the son of the owner, a quarterback, was fed up with the itching his wool football uniform would cause him. The company would create new jerseys from a thicker cotton weave, rather than a wool knit. The hood was added by the company champion, for extra protection against the cold for workers at the New York Warehouses. Graphic hoodies came around in the 1960’s, when Universities started printing their names on the medium, which became a way for parents and students to exhibit their school pride. It became an advertising tool which was very effective due to its low cost and mass scale. Over time, hoodies became an unmistakable classic of the modern wardrobe. It became the casual top which everyone had at least one of in their closet.


At Oallery, we search for distinctive and high quality hoodies to share with you that come in a variety of fits, like oversized hoodies, more cropped hoodies and boxy hoodies. We’re also not shy to include high quality zipped hoodies in our collection as well as a range of bold colours and creative details that change the way you wear the garment.
We do believe that quality is always better than quantity, that’s why you’ll find that in the hoodies we sell there are often unique traits that you wouldn’t find from hoodies in other stores. Detail is key, and this is what separates the hoodies we sell from others. We prefer our hoodies to be well made and executed with tasteful and unique details, prints and colours.


Graphic hoodies can add a playful twist to an outfit or embody it with another layer. Zip up hoodies can help create an outfit with an interesting silhouette through accents in shape and layering. At Oallery we often like to wear our hoodies oversized to create a more voluminous and cozy fit. Hoodies are also a quintessential garment of comfort, which is extremely apparent during a hangover. Hoodies in that sense are a perfect companion and say a lot about the person wearing them, perhaps becoming the modern equivalent of a zodiac sign.


Hoodies are generally made out of jersey, better known as sweatshirt fabric. The cotton weave makes it ideal for layering and the variety in thickness ensures that there’s a hoodie for every weather condition. The pockets on hoodies also come in various shapes and sizes, like the kangaroo pocket, which is placed at the front and has an opening on both the right and the left side. There are also hoodies with seperated arm placements, usually to keep the hands warm when resting in cold weather environments. The hood of hoodies is often done with a drawstring, but some modern brands choose to play around with this detail of the garment to add a playful twist on it. Like the extended cords on the hoodies by We11done. Some brands also choose to remove the drawstring from the beginning, opting for a cleaner look, by leaving out a detail that is often considered a vital part of the hoodie.


There are brands, like engineered garments, that play around with the garment in a more experimental way, by changing the fabric and adding other details, creating a hybrid between hoodies and other protective garments like the anorak. Its layering potential becomes interesting and the texture of the fabrics adds another dimension to the garment that is unprecedented and refreshing. It took a long time for fashion to embrace hoodies outside of their casual context, which meant that high fashion brands often shied away from using the hoodie in their collections. It was considered to not be fashionable for a long time, but with the shifts in trends in the last ten years made fashion embrace the hoodie more than ever, in fact, it has become the best selling item for a lot of brands in the high end segment. The simplicity of the garment can be thanked for the popularity and freedom designers can have with their interpretations of the hoodie. This liberty has caused designers to ask the question of what role the hoodie fulfills in our daily lives and society. It allows them to, from time to time, re-evaluate the social context we place the hoodie in and ask what meanings are attached to the garment. The iconography of the hoodie has also allowed some hoodies to become embodied with meaning and unique context that other garments can not express in the same way the hoodie can. One might wonder what kind of contact and nuance the hoodie will go through over the following years.